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Craig and Jacinta Grant   |  3265 Coleraine Edenhope Road, Coleraine Victoria 3315

Phone: 03 5570 4227  |   Email: lindsaymgreys@activ8.net.au   |  Copyright © 2011 Lindsay Murray Greys

LINDSAY VINNIE V15                                       $40/Straw +GST + Freight


Sire:          Lindsay Tyler T148          Dam:        Lindsay Donna T115     

DOB:        21.3.2000                        CET:        LSY V15                    

Colour:     Grey                               Frame:     8 87.5% MG

Vinnie V15 is an amazing sire, low birth, calving ease with explosive growth, his sons out of Starbright daughters are phenomenal, muscle, body depth, smoothness, milk, marbling and calving ease from both sides. His daughters are balanced, feminine cows with added body length, perfect udders and

teat placement. Use Vinnie to add body length, calving ease and do-ability in your cow herd. Try to find another bull in the Murray Grey breed with this much growth and body length that will deliver you the highest degree of calving ease and peace of mind. Most of the remaining straws are clear (unprinted) semen is guaranteed V15.

ROBERN MR MUSCLE M2                             $100/Straw +GST + Freight

Sire:            Orcadia Park Syndicate      Dam :       Robgranthony Snowflake 5th             DOB:          5.5.1992                            CET:        RET M2   

Colour:       Grey                                 Frame:     6.6 100% MG

Muscle was purchased in 1994 as the NS&S Grand Champion for $21 000 for 3/4 share & possession. He was the most influential bull ever purchased and used by Lindsay. His daughters still are big framed, roomy, exceptionally easy doing cows with extraordinary milking ability. Muscle is a must have bloodline to establish a sound easy care, high milking cow herd. I recommend using his semen for flushing .

LINDSAY QUEST Q22                                      $30/Straw + GST+ Freight

Sire:             Robern Mister Muscle M2       Dam :     Lindsay Elva N32                     DOB:           17.03.1995                             CET:       LSY Q22   

Colour:        Silver                                     Frame:     7 100% MG

Quest has proven to be a brilliant female breeder, his cows have stood the test of time, they have a lot of milk and are soft skinned and feminine while still having a good thick carcase. His bulls have a smooth carcase but are still thick with good depth, if I could improve him I would say some of his progeny tend to lay back on their pasterns slightly.

LINDSAY QUICKSILVER Q8                           $30/Straw + GST + Freight

Sire:            Robern Mister Muscle             Dam:       Lindsay Gabriel K27

DOB:                                                       CET:        LSY Q8

Colou:        Silver                                      Frame:    100% MG

Perfect footed bull, absolutely faultless hoof and foot shape. Sold as a 2yo, he was inspected again as an 8yo, still sound with superb temperament and soft silky skin, thick smooth carcase, very heavy bone. His mother was a great donor cow for Lindsay, as was one of his daughters Kirra T103. Semen is ET quality.

LINDSAY WEST W13                                       $75/Straw +GST + Freight

Sire:           Lindsay Starbright S117                 Dam:       Lindsay Elizabeth R9

DOB:         24.03.2001                                   CET:        LSY W13

Colour:     Grey                                             Frame:     6.5 100% MG

West is a bull which I can’t say enough good things about. He delivers muscle, excellent structure- correct feet, pasterns, legs, straight top line, excellent spring of rib, very neat udders, adds frame, and body depth and a lovely quiet temperament. He has calving ease, adds scrotal size, high milk, top 1% for growth. Of his first 12 calves Melody Y68 was National Show & Sale Grand Champ 2005 and sold for $6000 to T Stratford. 6 sons topped at $10000 twice to P Ireland and L Kostelnik and averaged $7500,3 daughters retained as breeders at Lindsay, 1 sold in sale for $1200 to Ryan McRae and Elizabeth Fields purchased Donna Y34 for $6000 in last year’s sale, These progeny were all heifers first calves.

KELSO YOGO Y13                                           $50 /Straw+ GST + Freight

Sire:         Willalooka Uplift U5                     Dam:      Kelso Katherine S7

DOB:        5.03.2003                                    CET:      CWG Y13   

Colour:     Silver                                          Frame:    6.2 87.5% MG

Yogo is proving to be a top sire of quality bulls and females. We sold Yogo to another stud as a three year old but continue to use him through AI. He is a sire with terrific growth, real softness and outstanding EBV’s. An excellent son (Cracker C17) was sold privately to Woodbourn Murray Grey Stud in 2009.

LINDSAY WINDSOR Z23                              $30 /straw + GST + Freight

Sire:          Willalooka Windsor W191         Dam:        Lindsay Tarella W54

DOB:        15.03.2004                                 CET:        LSY Z23   

Colour:     Silver                                         Frame:      6 84.37% MG

An extremely well structured bull with loads of capacity and doing ability, in a drought this fellow stood out above the rest and retained his finish and kept growing. He is out of the brilliant breeder Tarella W54 who is by Starbright S117. Windsor Z23 has the genetic punch to put spring of rib, muscling, and body depth in to cattle that need it.

LINDSAY WINDSOR B143                             $50 /straw + GST + Freight

Sire:         Willalooka Windsor W191         Dam:        Lindsay Leanne U59

DOB:       15.04.2006                                 CET:        LSY B143   

Colour:    Silver                                         Frame:     6.6

Marbling:  0                                               Tenderness: 8    

Feed Efficiency: 5 87.5% MG

Windsor B143 is the complete package with optimal growth plenty of milk and a perfect phenotype. Trish Vayro purchased the bull for $6000 , top price of the sale. Windsor DNA Tested highly for meat tenderness (8/8 )and feed efficiency. He will produce tender, but lean carcases converting efficiently off grass. His calves are very muscular, while still retaining softness, they are really nice types.

LINDSAY BUILDER B140                                $50 /straw + GST + Freight

Sire:             Lindsay Vinnie Y82                     Dam:        Lindsay Leanne W25    

DOB:           12.04.2006                                 CET:        LSY B140   

Colour:        Silver                                         Frame:     6.6    

Marbling:       0                                              Tenderness: 4

Feed Efficiency: 6 100% MG

We used Builder over the spring calver's, he is an outstanding bull who has stood out since birth. His mother is the heaviest milker in the herd and does an outstanding job on every calf. He tested high for feed efficiency which elevates him to an elite level for a self replacing herd wanting to produce efficient females that milk highly.

LINDSAY CAPABLE C104                               $50 /straw + GST + Freight

Sire:          Lindsay Vinnie V15                     Dam:         Lindsay Dreamer    

DOB:        10.04.2007                                 CET:         LSY C104   

Colour:     Silver                                         Frame:      6.6 100%

Are you looking for performance genetics with the advantage of calving ease with growth, milk, marbling and muscle? Do it all with Vinnie C104. He has looked sensational since birth, explosive growth and fat cover. I have always believed that the best animals are those who can be turned off into any market at any time. This sire is a sire for the future, used in both Autumn and Spring joining

KELSO DIESEL D1                                              $30/straw +GST + Freight

Sire:           Lindsay West W13                     Dam:     Kelso Katherine Z1

DOB:         3.03.2008                                   CET:     CWGD1   

Colour:      Grey                                         Frame:    6 100% MG

Diesel is a top quality son of West W13. He has been used in the stud over heifers in 2009 and is an outstanding prospect. He has an amazing spread of figures from moderate birth weight through to growth and indexes in the top 1% of the breed. Smooth well laid in shoulders and great structure.

KELSO BOURBON B28                                    $50/Straw +GST + Freight

Sire:            Lindsay West W13                     Dam:      Willalooka U136

DOB:         4.04.2006                                    CET:       CWG B28   

Colour:     Grey                                            Frame:    85.15% MG

Bourbon was the top of his drop and sold privately to valued clients the Down family at Codrington. He is a stylish son of West and a top class bull full of elite commercial attributes. His performance data is first rate.

LINDSAY EMPIRE E46                                       $60/ Straw+GST + Freight

Sire:           Lindsay Commander C121             Dam:     Lindsay Tarella A179

DOB:         24.04.2009                                    CET:      LSY E46   

Colour:      Silver                                            Frame:    100% MG

An excellent bull with all round potential and performance to match. Very soft easy doing sire with Stud potential. Empire’s dam, and his sires dam, are two of the best females in the Lindsay herd. A quality bull who was used as a yearling in 2010 with stud heifers. Top price bull 2011 sale, sold to Caulfield Partners, Kadnook for $14000. Retained a 3/4 semen share.

LINDSAY ENFORCER E94                                 $60/Straw+GST + Freight

Sire:             Lindsay Capable C104                 Dam:     Lindsay Leanne B169 DOB:           23.08.2009                                 CET:      LSYE94

Colour:        Silver                                         Frame:   100% MG

A very impressive, stand out young sire that has been retained at Lindsay. A smooth and very mobile bull out of a superior Lindsay female. Grand Champion & Senior Champion bull at National Beef Bendigo in May 2011 at only 21 months of age.

WALLAWONG RIDDLER C36                         $30/straw +GST + Freight

Sire:             Lindsay Starbright S117           Dam: Wallawong Overture 16th U8 DOB:           9.06.2007                               CET:       LEJC36   

Colour:        Silver                                     Frame:     6.2 100%MG

Riddler was purchased to maintain the strong carcase attributes of his sire Lindsay Starbright S117 and is a very similar type. Fantastic smooth coat, doing ability and great temperament. Calving ease and carcase quality with big hindquarter muscling are his trademarks. His first calves at Lindsay are promising.

KELSO DIGITAL D26                                         $30/straw +GST + Freight

Sire:                 Kelso Yogo Y13                         Dam:     Kelso Sarah A25

DOB:               30.03.08                                    CET:     CWGD26

Colour:            Grey                                         Frame:   6 100%MG

Digital is a terrific son of our homebred sire Kelso Yogo who continues to impress us with the quality of his offspring. He has fantastic growth and an excellent balance of figures. A bull with great potential and presence. Digital has a perfect structural assessment.

LINDSAY CURVE BENDER C158                     $40/Straw+GST + Freight

Sire:                 Lindsay Vinnie Z28                 Dam:         Lindsay Lucy Z31

DOB:               26.05.2007                            CET:          LSY C158

Register:           84.37% PB Silver DNA GS 7409801

Marbling:           0                                         Tenderness: 7

Feed Efficiency:  3

Curve Bender was selected as a calving ease bull with plenty of growth, milk and maternal power. He carries a well balanced carcase with perfect structure and a proven background. Complete calving ease and out of a very good cow.