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Lindsay Murray Greys has stood the test of time for 40 years. It is a credit to the Harvey and Foster families ability to breed Murray Greys that are functional and have the ability to perform in an ever challenging industry. Lindsay continues to be at the cutting edge of Murray Grey genetics breeding outstanding lines of cattle with breedplan performance well above breed average.

2009 saw another change in the History of Lindsay Murray Greys with the stud changing ownership to Craig & Jacinta Grant, who had already established the fast emerging Kelso Stud.
Kelso Murray Greys was established in 1996 with only top females and semen sourced mainly from the Lindsay, Sherwood and Willalooka studs. We have always been focused on breeding quality Murray Greys that have frame, fertility, carcase, excellent structure and sound feet.

Uncertain seasonal conditions in recent times and business structures increasingly reliant upon efficiency have highlighted the ability of Murray Greys to remain sustainable. Their outstanding traits of fertility, calving ease, docility, finishing ability and carcase quality all stand them in good stead as a breed for the future.

We made the decision to merge the two studs in 2012 and market our brand exclusively under the LINDSAY stud name. This has been given careful consideration and gives clients a chance to appreciate the genetics available in both studs. With so many Lindsay bloodlines represented in Kelso we have decided there are few benefits in keeping the two studs separate.

Our selection criteria has always been based on cattle that will perform and elevate this great breed back to its previous prominence with a high focus on commercial reality and client profitability. Like any business our Stud enterprise must be profitable also.

In our stud operation we have a split calving, 60% autumn & 40% spring. This is mainly for management benefits but also gives us the ability to better utilise our sires. The outcome of this means we will have on offer a selection of bulls each year that still offer the same quality genetics but are 4-6 months younger than their autumn drop mates. The spring drop bulls socialize better at stud level and give clients quicker genetic turnover and potentially offer an extra year of use.

At Lindsay we strive to produce market focused Murray Greys by combining superior physical and breedplan performance to maximise the profitability of our clientele and enhance the prosperity of our breed.

Craig & Jacinta Grant